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Join the Tourette Association of American on social media to raise awareness, acceptance and knowledge for Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. We engage our followers in various ways across all channels! Additionally, we host digital advocacy campaigns throughout the year including the #tiChallenge, #Rally4Tourette and monthly Twitter Chats called the #tourettechat where we ask our followers to join the conversation!

Social Media Awareness

The Tourette Association of America, in partnership with the CDC host monthly Twitter Chats, known as the #TouretteChat, aiming to raise awareness and provide education on various topics.

To participate:
@TouretteAssn, @Tourette_Expert and #TouretteChat

Previous Twitter Chat’s:
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#tiChallenge Overview

During National Awareness Month 2016 (May 15th – June 15th), the Tourette Association of America embarked on a concentrated social media blitz to raise awareness, acceptance and knowledge about Tourette and Tic Disorders. Using the hashtag #tiChallenge, we challenged people to create short videos to challenge the community at large to be more accepting… more compassionate… more tolerant… more informed, etc. about TS.  

Here are just a few of the powerful, impactful and amazing challenges!

Digital Rally #Rally4Tourette

Leverage the power of social media! The work each of you do it so important, and it must be heard. Participate in our national digital rally and advocacy campaign using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Step 1: Create a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Account – If you already have an account(s), great! Skip to step 2.
Step 2: Follow & Subscribe to all of the Tourette Association of America social media accounts:
Facebook: @TouretteAssociation
Twitter: @TouretteAssn
Instagram: @TouretteAssociation
Step 3: Follow all of your local congressman (you can google and find out their “handle” which begins with the “@” sign. (see sample post in next section)
Step 4: Use the hashtag #Rally4Tourette on every post
Step 5: Take a photo (e.g. a selfie; a Tourette event related photo; photo wearing teal; photo of your kids; etc.). Then post your photo using both the handle (@) and hashtag: #Rally4Tourette.
EXAMPLE: Post a photo with a caption “@reppeteking and I #Rally4Tourette”

Keep Advocacy Going all year long!

Step 6: Continue using the hashtag #Rally4Tourette when you are doing any work related to Tourette and raising awareness

Little Billy #tiChallenge!

Matt G challenges you to accept his natural Tourette-tic rhythm!

Trevor challenges you to be friendly to someone who may be different!

Luis Challenges you to learn the facts... en espanol!

Jess Thom challenges you to learn more to make a difference!

Jonathan F challenges you to "own it"!

Brendan challenges you to see past his Tourette

Tempest challenges you to educate other about Toruette

Camden challenges you to get to know someone with TS better

Shana challenges you to spread awareness

Visit our Tourette TV YouTube Challenge and search #tiChallenge to see all our videos!