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  • TAA Spotlight: Meghan Burns

    TAA Spotlight: Meghan Burns, Director of Digital Marketing

  • Webinar: Friendships and Tourette Syndrome

  • Webinar: TS & Co-Occurring Conditions

  • Earn CEU Credits at TAA National Conference

    Attend the TAA National Conference and earn CEU Credits

  • TAA Spotlight: Susan Young

    February 2018 TAA Spotlight: Susan Young

  • Webinar – Alternative & Complementary Therapies for TS

    Please join us on February 20, 2018 for a webinar that will focus on alternative and complementary therapies for Tourette Syndrome and how to talk to your healthcare provider about incorporating these strategies into your current treatment plan. 

  • Online Support Groups for Tourette Syndrome

    A series of online support groups both for young adults and parents. These support groups are available for people who may be located in an area without easy access to support.

  • TAA Spotlight: Theodore Perdik

    Theodore Perdik is the Development Associate for the Tourette Association of America

  • TAA Spotlight: Natalie Joseph-Pauline

    Natalie Joseph-Pauline is the Tourette Association of America CDC Project Manager.  In this role, she manages multiple projects including community and education workshops, webinars, chapter grants and the Youth Ambassador Program.

  • Introduction to Social Communication Disorder